My Story (adj.)

In exactly the same words as were used originally

-e.g. your story must be verbatim.


I am a self-taught photographer, whose passion started when I became a mother.  My children are truly my muse.  Watching them grow and discover new things.  Their natural beauty is stunning.  

My children are the most beautiful art I've ever created.

To capture the same moments I want of my own children, for someone else, is truly rewarding.


The Story...

In 2009 I purchased a camera, just to see if I could figure it out.  Let's face it, a DSLR is very intimidating.  Once I figured it out, I wanted to purchase a better lens... something I couldn't afford.  So, I offered up sessions at a park and they were sold out instantly.  

Once I had enough money, I purchased the dreamy lens I was working so hard for, and stopped advertising for sessions.  But the requests didn't stop...